QEMCO proudly manufactures all our gutter guards from start to finish.  We are confident they are the best gutter guards in Australia.

Mark Leech is the founder and owner of QLD Expanded Metals Pty Ltd trading as QEMCO.

Mark saw a need in the Australian gutter guard market way back in 2005. This need was to develop a product that would fit neatly over most roof profiles. Our well fitting design not only looks better, it also discourages debris getting caught in your gutters.

Mark’s Australian patent, “A Contoured Gutter Protector” No. 2005229685, is the only official 3D gutter guard in the Australian market.

Our gutter guards are manufactured from Australian COLORBOND® steel.  QEMCO expands 2 Mesh sizes, either Standard 4mm or Ember 2mm.

QEMCO is an Australian owned & operated company who manufactures COLORBOND® steel gutter guards and they are a 100% Australian Product.

Our steel mesh meets and exceeds the market leading range of safety and compliance standards. This includes AS 3959-2018.

This makes QEMCO gutter guards, the best gutter guards  on the Australian market.