We supply many DIY builders with all their gutter guard needs. In some areas, this may have to be arranged through our licenced dealers. But don’t worry, they will look after you just the same as we would. When you buy gutter guard or steel mesh direct from the manufacturer there are many benefits. They are not only cost saving, but also a higher level of service. It’s our product after all.

From Qemco, you can be sure that you will not only receive the most advanced product, but you’ll also get the best price. There are no middle men. If you would like to find out how to order in your area, simply contact us.


To help you get things organised quickly, we have made the ordering process simple. Your gutter guard is also made to measure. Our DIY gutter guards are profiled to match your roof. This is what makes them so easy to install.

  1. Contact us via email, or phone us to discuss your options.
  2. Order your gutter guard from us direct, or via our suppliers.
  3. The gutter guards you ordered will be delivered to your door.
  4. Follow the simple instructions to install your gutter guards.

It really is that easy!


  • Steel mesh gutter guards won’t break like inferior plastic gutter guards.
  • Our gutter guard prevents gutters from becoming blocked.
  • They also prevent back flowing into the ceiling.
  • They assists with fire prevention, by eliminating the build up of leaves in gutters.
  • Good gutter guards keep pests out of gutters and your roof.
  • Increases the life of the gutters.
  • Qemco gutter guard looks great. Our products are available in 22 colours to match your roof.
  • Unlike plastic gutter guards, steel mesh gutter guards look like a quality feature. As opposed to a cheap add on.

If you have no prior experience, there is no need to worry. QEMCO gutter guards have been designed and manufactured for ease of installation. They include a simple DIY installation guide anyone can follow. Pre-Profiling means the gutter guards are already molded to fit perfectly onto your roof type. This makes the installation process very simple.

One Piece System

All of our products are a one piece system. They do not require saddle or trim strips. Above all, you do not have to lift any existing roofing during installation. This is because our gutter guard is Pre-Profiled. All you need to do is simply place it over the top, and fasten it into place.

It really is that easy!

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It may give you peace of mind to know that the gutter guards you’re adding to your home are heavily tested and certified for safety. When you choose a QEMCO manufactured product, you ensure that your gutter guard is compliant under Australian standards. This includes standard AS 3959:2018 of the Building Codes of Australia.

Our product is one of very few which meet the required building standards in our country.

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Our gutter guard is manufactured from Colorbond® expanded Steel Mesh. Using this well known trusted Australian brand ensures quality, durability and style.

Available in 22 colours. (Colorbond® or aluminium mill finish)

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Quality assurance comes as standard when you purchase a QEMCO product.  It is a durable Australian gutter guard, manufactured under our internal quality management system. All products are made in accordance with ISO 9001.

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