Do you want to get your margins out of the guttering you install? If so, we provide a way for your customers to get a great gutter guard, but still have room for you to make good margins.  With us, you can buy direct from the manufacturer in most parts of Australia. QEMCO manufacture the most advanced gutter guards and we can ship to you anywhere. Some areas even have licensed dealers for faster supply too.


Whether you have a single property or an entire suburb to fit with gutter guards, we can help. At QEMCO, we can supply you with the exact length, style and colour of gutter guard you need. We supply trades people and contractors who are upgrading a clients property with wholesale gutter guard options. Our team can also work with architects, who may be planning a new development and want quality fittings.

At the moment we supply many retailers who were looking for a great product to sell to customers. Our clients also include councils and government departments. All have one thing in common. They are looking for a product that is not only attractive but also safe and compliant. We have the ability to manufacture and supply gutter guards to suit your exact needs.

Contact us to get a quote. You will soon discover how affordable quality gutter guards and steel mesh products can be.


  1. Just contact us. This can be done from our contact us page, or you can just call us.
  2. Get a quote or place your order direct.
  3. The gutter guards you ordered will be delivered to your site in an agreed time frame.
  4.  You then follow the simple instruction guide on how to install your gutter guards

It really is that easy!


We deliver to you anywhere in Australia! Our range of stock on hand makes it easy for us to manufacture custom gutter guards to suit your time frame requirements. This means you don’t have to wait.


We understand that you often require a specified level of safety certification for projects and value this very highly. When you choose a QEMCO manufactured gutter guard, you ensure that your gutter guard is compliant. Because of our hard work, they meet the Australian standard of AS 3959:2018 of the Building Codes of Australia.

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  • Steel mesh gutter guards won’t break like inferior plastic gutter guards.
  • They prevents gutters from becoming blocked and back flowing into the ceiling.
  • Our gutter guard helps with fire prevention. They do this by eliminating the build up of leaves in gutters and by stopping embers.
  • They help to keep pests out of your gutters and roof too.
  • Increases the life of the gutters.
  • Our gutter guard also looks great. It is currently available in 22 colours to match your roof. For your peace of mind, it is unlike plastic gutter guards. Our steel mesh gutter guard look like a quality feature, not a cheap add on.
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If you would like more information about our gutter guards, then just click the panels below.

Gutter guards and expanded steel mesh manufactured by Qemco are made in Australia. They are created under an internal quality management system, in accordance with ISO 9001.  We are proud to say that we manufacture Australia’s most advanced gutter guard.

Colorbond gutter guard

Our COLORBOND® steel and aluminium expanded mesh gutter guards are a one of a kind. They are patented and deliver superior features when compared to regular gutter guards. This results in a longer lasting, easier to install, visually appealing and ultimately cost saving outcome for you.

Each of our gutter guards is manufactured in our own factory in Southeast Queensland.  Because we have very high standards of internal quality management systems, they are produced in accordance with ISO 9001.  We are all Australian, from start to finish. There are a number of positives to be gained by working with genuine Australian made product. First and foremost you can have confidence in the quality. Your purchase can also reduce transport pollution and support the local economy.

Australian Made Quality

Like all Australian manufactured products, ours come with a warranty. Should you ever need any assistance, we are just a phone call away.

QEMCO gutter guards have been designed and manufactured easy installation.  The steel gutter guards are pre-shaped at our factory. This facilitates a faster installation for you. On-site, you simply lay down the contoured steel lengths. Next you screw them in place. Some people like to silicone the edges to seal them, but this optional. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective installation system on the market.

rooftop gutter guard

When you choose QEMCO manufactured gutter guard products, you ensure that your gutter guard is compliant under the Australian standard. This includes AS 3959:2018 of the Building Codes of Australia. Our product is one of very few which meet the required standards.

approved gutter guard

Quality assurance comes as standard when you purchase a QEMCO product.  It is a durable Australian gutter guard, manufactured under an internal quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

5 star gutter guard

Our gutter guard is manufactured from Colorbond® expanded Steel Mesh. QEMCO gutter guards offer everything you want from the product. This includes quality, durability and style.

Available in 22 colours (Colorbond® or aluminium mill finish)

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