With the increase in bushfires across Australia, the installation of Ember Mesh gutter guards is on the rise. More and more home owners are looking for ways to protect their homes from the threat of bush fires. One way to do this is by installing fire resistant gutter guards. Ember mesh can stop burning leaves, fallen branches or embers carried in the wind, from landing in your gutters and spreading fire to your home. That is what makes it such a benefit.

While this is a great idea, the problems arise when poorer quality ember mesh does not fit the profile of the roof. If there are gaps, embers can still make their way into your gutter and set fire to debris. Another issue is if the ember mesh or fire resistant gutter guard is not itself fire proof enough. There are ember mesh gutter guards on the market that can also catch fire. Not ours.

We are leading manufacturers of pressed metal ember mesh gutter guard.  It is tested and proven to the highest standards available. You can trust QEMCO ember mesh to protect any home or commercial building. Our products are made to fit a wide range of roofing too. These include common profiles of corrugated iron roofing or tile roof profiles for example. This is how you get complete protection.

If you are looking for an Australian owned ember mesh manufacturer, then contact us. We deliver Australia wide and work with many builders and developers across the country.